If you look at the text of Amendment 2, at page 10, Subsection 5(1), it states:

“Production of the respective equivalent identification card or authorization issued by another state or political subdivision of another state shall also meet the requirements of this subdivision.” (Emphasis added).

Subsection 5(1) specifically refers to production of a qualifying patient card, a patient cultivation card, a doctor’s certification or recommendation, or a caregiver’s identification card when transporting or possessing amounts of marijuana within the monthly allowable limits in the State of Missouri. This includes while the patient is in the application process for a medical card.

This means that if a person possesses up to their permissible limit (4 ounces of dried plant material or its equivalent per 30 days, with patients allowed to possess up to a 60 day supply) and is stopped by law enforcement, such person will be exempt from prosecution for possession or transportation of marijuana if they possess medical documentation, even if that documentation has been issued by another state.

Currently, California does not require a patient to be a resident of California in order to apply for a medical card. Therefore, theoretically, a Missouri resident could apply for a California medical card before they apply for their card in Missouri. Applications will be available by June 4, 2019 for patients, caregivers, and patients and caregivers who wish to grow cannabis for personal consumption. Applications will be accepted by DHSS starting the first week in July, and must be approved or denied within 30 days. This means Missouri residents may receive their patient, caregiver, and home grow cards by the first week in August at the earliest.

It is important to note that while Missouri may not prosecute those with valid medical cards who legally possess marijuana up to the legal limits after December 6, 2018, interstate transport of marijuana is still illegal and black market purchases are still similarly prohibited.