GM recently recalled a whopping 3.36 million MORE vehicles. That makes 44 recalls in just this year alone, affecting over 20 million vehicles worldwide. That’s more vehicles than GM sells in one year – billions of dollars in possible liabilities.

The most recent round of recalls is due to an ignition switch problem. If you’ve got a key chain, that key chain might be just a smidge too much weight for the ignition to handle, causing the car to shut off with the keys in the ignition, resulting in a “jarring event.” This could affect a vehicle’s ability to brake or the airbags to properly deploy. It goes without saying that were this to happen while the car was in motion on, say, an interstate, the consequences could be dire not only for the driver of the vehicle, but the vehicle’s occupants and other motorists on the road. The fact that there have already been a reported 13 deaths and 54 crashes related to ignition failures marks the beginning of what could end up being a safety crisis of the same – if not greater – proportion than the numerous gas tank explosions experienced by those who own GM trucks.

If you have a GM vehicle, check the recalls and be sure that the vehicle you are driving is free of defects. If you find a defect, stop driving you vehicle and have it towed to a dealership or a mechanic for repairs. If you or someone you love are reading this post after a vehicle accident, you may call my office for a free consultation.