The newest available information is that the state will be issuing:

62 grow licenses (with a preference for high end capitalized indoor operations)
84 +/- manufacturing licenses
192 dispensary licenses, at a minimum of 24 licenses per district

There will be seed to sale tracking, but no word on the systems that have been approved yet.

The restrictions on who can apply will be less restrictive than Colorado, but they do want applicants without felonies for the last 5 years. However, there will be a bill up for vote in the next legislative session that, if approved, would expunge all marijuana convictions from a person’s record.

Application forms will be published in June, probably by June 4; business license applications will be accepted by August 3, but likely only for one week. There are likely to be other rounds where applications will be accepted. There is likely to be a 500 page limit on applications. It will be scored and merit based. They will allow one person/group to apply for up to 3 grow licenses, 3 manufacturing licenses, and 5 dispensary licenses for a total of 11 licenses. The entity must be 51% Missouri-resident owned. Applicants must have secured a physical premises for operation. You must include a security plan from a security company with experience in the industry. Must include SOPs from someone with experience in the industry, an HR report, and if growing, a detailed plan on the grow operation. You also must submit a business plan and having someone with prior legal cannabis experience on your team will get extra points.

For more details and information, please contact Aubrey Gann-Redmon to set up a consultation.