This week, AGR Legal Services, LLC has proudly commenced representation of Bianca McCollough, who was cited for graffiti by the City of Olathe after she painted a mural on her garage door. Kansas City has a thriving art community and many local artists display their work across town, with many municipalities – such as Roeland Park and Olathe – choosing to beautify their public spaces with sculptures and other works. The simple fact is that graffiti is a crime – perpetrated by a trespasser, normally on public property, who paints or writes on property that is not theirs without permission of the property owner. By contrast, mural art is always done with the permission of the property owner, if not by the property owner herself. Art is subjective, of course, but property owners should have the right to express themselves freely upon their own property so long as no crime is being committed.

Letter to City of Olathe in Response to Graffiti Allegation