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Elder Law & Estates

The number of Americans 65 years and older is projected to reach 71.5 million by 2030. Have you planned for you and your family's elder years?

Probate & Trust Litigation

Probating a will, contesting a trust, and opening up a guardianship or conservatorship for a loved one is never easy. Get the support you need.

Founded in 2009 by Aubrey Gann-Redmon, AGR Legal Services, LLC has a track record of providing exceptional, prompt, and attentive service to clients, taking the stress out of litigation. Aubrey is licensed to practice in Kansas and Missouri experienced in litigation, focusing on the areas of probate, trust, and elder law. Probate is necessary when there is a will or a trust contest, when a guardianship or conservatorship is necessary, and when a loved one passes away without leaving a will. Probate rules and laws vary between Missouri and Kansas, and even from county to county. AGR Legal Services has probated numerous estates in numerous counties across both Missouri and Kansas, from Kansas City to Springfield to Wichita. Litigating probate and trust issues helps an attorney to spot potential problems before they occur, assisting clients in planning for their elder years. Additionally, with a background in working on social security, personal injury, and employment cases, AGR Legal Services has a comprehensive background in understanding eligibility requirements for government benefits, as well as how civil litigation can impact probate cases when a person passes away while their case is still pending. The firm has provided litigation consulting and assistance to numerous attorneys and firms, helping to take the stress out of litigation. Consultations are free. Call today.


AGR Legal Services provides comprehensive litigation consulting to numerous plaintiff's firms in Missouri and Kansas where their cases intersect with probate, trusts, estates, guardianships and conservatorships.


Losing a loved one is never easy. The last thing most clients need to deal with in the wake of a family member's death is a complex court case. AGR Legal Services provides a full spectrum of probate services, from obtaining guardianship and conservatorships for the elderly and disabled, opening simple estates, or litigating contested matters where family heirlooms and property are at stake.

Elder Law & Estates

The increase in the elderly population requires an understanding of the way numerous areas of law are related: debt collection, government benefits, transfers of assets, and planning for long term care. If you or a loved one needs guidance to plan for protecting assets or navigating incapacity, call for a free consultation.